The festival city of Bayreuth is the capital of Upper Franconia in northern Bavaria and has about 72.000 inhabitants. The town is world-famous for its annual music festival, where performances of operas by the German composer Richard Wagner are presented. The wealth baroque architecture is impressive, especially the theatre with the Margravial Opera House, which was added to UNESCO's World Heritage in 2012, besides lots of other places also the Hermitage Garden is mentionable, one of the most beautiful examples of garden design. Compared to the much bigger cities in Germany, Bayreuth seems to be tame, but the presence of over 13.000 students at the University means it is easy to find an active nightlife.

The region Upper Franconia has one of the highest industrial concentration in Europe and with around 200 breweries the highest concentration of breweries of any region in the world. It has attractive tourist areas like the Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge) and the Frankonian Switzerland (Fränkische Schweiz), each reachable within about half an hour by bus or car from bayreuth.

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