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Day 1 (Monday, 10. October)

Title Author Session Time
Structuring 3D Medial Skeletons: a Comparative Study T. Delame; J. Kustra; A. Telea; Geometry 14:15-14:35
Balancing 3D Models with Movable Masses R. Prévost; M. Baecher; W. Jarosz; O. Sorkine-Hornung; Geometry 14:35-14:55
Geodesic Iso-Curve Signature A. Gehre; D. Bommes; L. Kobbelt; Geometry 14:55-15:15
Fast Metric Acquisition with Mobile Devices V. Garro; G. Pintore; F. Ganovelli; E. Gobbetti; R. Scopigno; Reconstructing and Understanding the World 15:45-16:05
3D Face Reconstruction with Silhouette Constraints Q. HU; M. Zwicker; P. Favaro; Reconstructing and Understanding the World 16:05-16:25
Scene Structure Inference through Scene Map Estimation M. Hueting; V. Pátráucean; M. Ovsjanikov; N. Mitra; Reconstructing and Understanding the World 16:25-16:45

Day 2 (Tuesday, 11. October)

Title Author Session Time
A Matrix-Based Visual Comparison of Time Series Sports Data F. Beck; M. Burch; D. Weiskopf; Exploring Trees and Time Series 10:00-10:20
Metric Evolution Maps: Multidimensional Attribute-driven Exploration of Software Repositories R. Rodrigues Oliveira da Silva; E. Faccin Vernier; P. E. Rauber; J. Comba; R. Minghim; A. Telea; Exploring Trees and Time Series 10:20-10:40
Singularities of the Inertial Flow Map Gradient T. Günther; H. Theisel; Volumes and Flows 11:10-11:30
Variable Length Coding for GPU-Based Direct Volume Rendering S. Guthe; M. Goesele; Volumes and Flows 11:30-11:50
Real-time Novel-view Synthesis for Volume Rendering Using a Piecewise-analytic Representation G. Lochmann; B. Reinert; A. Buchacher; T. Ritschel; Volumes and Flows 11:50-12:10
PEEP: Perceptually enhanced exploration of pictures M. Agus; A. Jaspe; G. Pintore; E. Gobbetti; Image Editing and Exploration 13:25-13:45
A Framework for Interactive Realtime Image Editing B. Hell; M. Muehlhausen; M. Magnor; Image Editing and Exploration 13:45-14:05
Matting with Sequential Pair Selection Using Graph Transduction A. Al-Kabbany; E. Dubois; Image Editing and Exploration 14:05-14:25
Artistic Composition for Painterly Rendering T. Lindemeier; M. Spicker; O. Deussen; Image Editing and Exploration 14:25-14:45
Gloss Editing in Light Fields Y. Gryaditskaya; B. Masia; P. Didyk; K. Myszkowski; H. Seidel; Light Fields and Materials 15:15-15:35
Reflection Separation in Light Fields based on Sparse Coding and Specular Flow A. Sulc; A. Alperovich; N. Marniok; B. Goldluecke; Light Fields and Materials 15:35-15:55
An Interactive Appearance Model for Microscopic Fiber Surfaces Z. Velinov; M. Hullin; Light Fields and Materials 15:55-16:15

Day 3 (Wednesday, 12. October)

Title Author Session Time
Topological Triangle Sorting for Predefined Camera Path C. Weber; M. Stamminger; Representing and Rendering Large Data 9:00-9:20
Icosahedral Maps for a Multiresolution Representation of Earth Data M. I. Jubair; U. Alim; N. Röber; J. Clyne; A. Mahdavi-Amiri; Representing and Rendering Large Data 9:20-9:40
An Interactive Information Visualization Approach to Physically-Based Rendering G. Simons; M. Ament; S. Herholz; C. Dachsbacher; M. Eisemann; E. Eisemann; Understanding Light 9:40-10:00
A Phenomenological Approach to Integrating Gaussian Beam Properties and Speckle into a Physically-Based Renderer S. Bergmann; M. Mohammadikaji; S. Irgenfried; H. Wörn; J. Beyerer; C. Dachsbacher; Understanding Light 10:00-10:20